Milieueffectrapport drie reactoren in Polen


Naam Mevrouw Janna Kodde
Plaats Leiden
Datum 18 oktober 2022


Heeft u vragen of opmerkingen? U kunt reageren via deze website. De reacties worden daarna doorgestuurd naar het Poolse Ministerie van Directoraat-Generaal voor Milieubescherming.
To the Polish Minister for Environment,
Dear Minister,
Three more nuclear reactors in Europe is very bad for the environment. Deforestation is one thing. But there are many more reasons NOT to do this. Yes, Poland fears an energy deficit. Sun and wind will become more and more popular and cheaper in the near future. And more important :those renewables don't have the same dangers. Nuclear waste may lead to severe healt-and environmental problems. We don't know when. But the long term poison, the dangers in case of disasters, war, terrorism or how a nuclear plant can be effected by what happens as a result of climate change, are good reasons not to choose this option. Polskie Elektrownie Jadrowe is very very optimistic in estimating dangers. The truth is:we cannot know what events in the future will do and mean for nuclear energy. But with warhungry Poetin, climate crisis and economic crisis, the odds are not great. Also :Poland has no long term cave to put nuclear waste in for 240.000 years or more. Poland has no detailed plans to build one either. In this matter your government is just as irresponsible as the dutch government "We 'll wait till the next century. They' ll solve it." Very neglecting. Not compatible with causing even more waste by building another three. Don't forget Tsjernobyl and Fukushima. They thought too:"It can not happen here." You've planned them by the sea in times of climate crisis. That too is not wise. The area that will be affected in case of meltdown depends on many things. We don't know how the winds will blow. Better safe than sorry. No nuclear, please. Thank you, Kind regards, Janna Kodde, Leiden, Netherlands.