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Wijzigingsbesluit verwijzingsportaal bankgegevens


Naam Anoniem
Plaats Den Oever
Datum 24 november 2022


Wat is uw mening over het Wijzigingsbesluit verwijzingsportaal bankgegevens?
This change in the law would force banks to report all transactions over €100 to the state.

Monitoring honest citizens to this degree is not only a breach of privacy and a violation of property rights, but also a fatal blow to the trustworthiness of banks. The relationship between banks and their customers is based on trust and its my assessment that this law change will cause a large part of the population to potentially abandon the banking system altogether. After giving it some thought I personally find it hard to justify keeping more than an absolute minimum balance on my accounts and will start transacting exclusively in cash and coin. This is not a decision I want to make, but this will force my hand. Is forcing honest citizens to keep out really the way we want to go?

Overall I believe this law change is extremely dangerous and the consequences are opaque and it should not be passed without a strong national debate on which role the state should play in our banking system.
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